C'mon and Get Your Game On!!!

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C'mon and Get Your Game On!!! Empty C'mon and Get Your Game On!!!

Post by Lumberjack1541 on Sun Jan 31, 2016 5:14 pm

If you want to duel someone, Im right here. Just reply to this post.


1)I only duel in Singles, sometimes the occasion of Matches, I prefer Singles because they're fast.
2)Don't come at me with FTK or OTK decks, and please don't play against me if you're going to use commonly used meta decks, stuff like Dracoslayers & Performages. Stuff that are used as commonly as Monarchs and anything below are fine. I do not reccomend using testing decks, since I will use a deck that was heavily tested and used by many pro players before.
3) (not actually a rule) I WILL document this duel, enter at your own risk. I'm doing this if there will be ranking in Dueling Network so I can boost myself up the ranks quicker.

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