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Post by Zenjirou on Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:28 pm

1. Be Informed
Know and respect the team rules and devpro's rules. No one likes to be punished and no one likes punishing people. Lets act in mutual benefit and make sure it never happens.

2. Thou shall not commit adultery
Please refrain from posting or share anything sexual in nature.

3. Thou shall not kill, or threaten to harm
Please refrain from making threats and strive to keep serious arguments (flame wars) outside the team or resolve them peacefully. If not peacefully, maybe settle it with a duel? No violent threats.

4. Thou shall not disrespect the forums or chats
Please use the site, each forum, and all team chat rooms for their intended use only unless expressly (in words from an admin) given permission.

5. Thou shall not degrade thy fellow
Please keep drama to a minimum. If you should ever feel the urge to verbally humiliate someone, please consider keeping it to yourself and handling the situation professionally first.

6. Honor thy admin
The admins are here to help and we always move with a purpose in mind. If an admin asks you nicely to do or not do something, please yield to them, or at least ask why you should or shouldn't do it. We're all on the same side, the trick is getting on the same page.

7. Thou shall have no team before the team
Don't help the enemy. We won't stop you from joining or leaving, but please treat the team like you'd want someone to treat your team. I'm sure we've all experienced the displeasure of having unsatisfactory team / group members before in our unique walks of life. Just don't sabotage on purpose, that's all this means.

8. Read the news, and inform thy neighbor
If someone is uninformed about something, let them know. If you've been away for a while, check up on things every now and then. Information sharing is important.

9. Befriend thy neighbor
Be friends! We're all on the same side, so lets have fun together! You didn't join the team thinking you'd be lonely did you? There are no enemies within the team, only without.
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