Promises to the Team from the Admins

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Promises to the Team from the Admins Empty Promises to the Team from the Admins

Post by Zenjirou on Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:52 pm

1. You have the same rights here as you have anywhere else.
You deserve and will get respect just as you must show respect to others who deserve it just as much as you do.

2. We do not endorse or condemn any religion or belief system.
No one is trying to convert you to anything. Any symbols, philosophies, or ideas we use that are religiously charged are purely for the purpose of building and invoking team spirit. You are what you want to be. That said, and no one can / will condemn you for it.

3. We are open to suggestions to improve the team and make changes.
Please, by all means, share any suggestions and or thoughts about the team with us admins in Jotenheim. We strive to be democratic in terms of ideas we pursue.

4. Admins cannot see anything sent in PMs nor see passwords
Your privacy is guaranteed.

5. Team related punishments will not be enacted without credible evidence regarding the incident in question.
We will not swing the ban hammer like trigger-happy tyrants. We don't want to lose any of you, so we will treat any disputes with as much care, practicality, and fairness as we can. We just ask that you cooperate should the need arise.

6. When the need arises, Admins will respond to problems as quickly, fairly, and effectively as they can.
We will do our best to solve and problems you report quickly, and if should you have the unfortunate pleasure of being in a dispute, we'll take special care in resolving the situation.

7. If a team-related punishment is issued, the punishment will be of a strictly and obviously necessary nature, nothing more and nothing less.
We won't exercise administrative power unless it is necesary, and the degree of the power we use will be solely based on the nature of the offense.

8. All appointments and advancements within the team are based on accomplishment and merit, either documented or perceived, without favoritism.
We value results and personal qualities over anything else. All of you are our friends, so in our eyes the only thing that distinguishes you are qualities and achievements.

9. We value you, our members.
You guys mean the world to us. We'll bend over backwards to help you if its absolutely necessary.
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[Staff General - Info and Tech]

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