In-Depth explation of each rule.

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In-Depth explation of each rule. Empty In-Depth explation of each rule.

Post by Zenjirou on Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:00 pm

1. Be Informed
The rules can get you into trouble, and because we value you all, we would much rather you all know the rules you're expected to follow than not know them in the event that trouble arises. We're not saying post copies of the rules on your refrigerator door, or memorize Devpro's entire end-license agreement (or even read that entire thing), but we are saying at least be familiar with the rules relevant to you and how you intend to use devpro and the team's resources. We don't want you to get into trouble for any reason, but in the end, you are in control of whether or not that happens. So first and foremost, we'd rather you have at least an idea of what to and not to do so that you are less likely to get into trouble. Call us paranoid, but its easy to get into trouble. Simply put: The purpose of this rule is to let you know that rules are important, therefore you should know them.

2. Thou shall not commit adultery
Not only is it generally distasteful and creepy, but trying to be sexual over the internet in a Yugioh community just doesn't work, and if someone reports you, our hand as admins are forced to side with the accuser, especially if you really did say / do whatever it was that offended them. Keep yourself out of potential trouble please. As far as posts, artwork, pictures, and avatars are fine as long as they do not show nipples or genitalia or any body fluids other than blood. Now, we are fully aware that the majority of you guys are responsible young adults that probably aren't even bothered by that or really care, and there's the fact that someone with a different definition of "sexual harassment" than yours might accuse you based on standards that do not line-up with yours. In that unfortunate case, us admins will do out best to sort things out in an intellectually sound manner. This rule was made to keep the team's social environment comfortable and prohibit smut of any kind from being posted in a publicly viewable place. That's it for "the talk."

3. Thou shall not kill, or threaten to harm
Not only do internet threats not solve much, or usually mean much, but like the previous rule, if someone takes offense or takes you seriously AND cites proof that you did do it, our hands will usually be forced to deal the proper punishment since overlooking it would be worse and break our promise to you guys. If the other person feels like you are seriously harassing them, law enforcement could (not likely, but COULD) get involved, so its a smart idea to not even go there in the first place right? Like the previous rule, we know that some people may simply not be able to take a joke or take it the wrong way. Us admins will do our best to distinguish misunderstandings and true malicious threats. Both will be punished, but to much different degrees, same with the previous rule regarding sexual content. This rule was made to keep the team's social environment comfortable.

4. Thou shall not disrespect the forums or chats
Spamming, advertising for products or companies without permission, dropping unrelated, inappropriate, or malicious links, or attempting to intentionally spread malware are all adamantly prohibited here. There will be little leniency here. We value the fact that you access our forum, and will take it upon ourselves to remove anything that could damage the personal property that you used to access the site. We also value this site as well, and cannot afford any legal action taken by companies, including forumotion. If you have a product that you would like to use the forum to promote, ASK THE OWNER FIRST! This includes requests to posts links to your ebay pages where you sell cards. You may share these links in private messages, as that is your personal domain and all things shared stay between you two. However, you may not post links to your business or purchasable merchandise or advertise them inside ANY forum without the Owner's expressed (in typed words) permission. This rule was made to protect our members' technology from malware and protect the forum from structural problems and from legal action.

5. Thou shall not degrade thy fellow
In the same boat as the threat and sexual harassment rules. "Degrade" is defined as verbally harass without sexual or physically harmful intentions. This IS NOT teasing someone. This IS NOT picking fun at someone occasionally. This IS NOT toying with someone by calling them weird names or giving people nick names. This is attempting to make someone feel horrible about themselves through verbal means, by either spreading socially degrading rumors or outright addressing them in a manner not fit to address another human being, with the genuine intention of causing emotional harm. In short: It is trying to emotionally kill someone, and it is not allowed. Te purpose of this rule is to maintain the team's friendly social environment.

6. Honor thy admin
Usually, when an admin asks you to do something, or to stop doing something, it was probably for a good reason if they are asking you to do it from their position as an admin and not from their position as a fellow team member of friend. If you are arguing with someone and they ask you to tone down your language a little, please, just do it. If you are sharing links to a pay-to-play game and an admin asks you to take the conversation to PM and delete the post, please, just do it. Everything is for you guys and for the team. If you ever disagree with an admin's decision, just bring it up here in Joutenheim and other admins will pitch in to either explain or possibly even consider changing our rules.

7. Thou shall have no team before the team
This means simply support the team, our team. xD Food sportsmanship ends when you give up your team's resources to boost your enemy's resources. A team requires a set amount of loyalty that we're assuming you guys understand and have a grasp of. You can always leave, and you can always join again (so long as you weren't banned), but please respect the team enough not to be like a double agent. This rule was made to protect the team's interests from insubordination.

8. Read the news, and inform thy neighbor
Spreading news is important! This team wouldn't be a fraction of how big it is now if no one spread the news that it existed! If you find out something new going on in the team and it seems like someone else doesn't know, by all means, PLEASE let them know. This rule was made to promote information sharing, which is vital to the team's functioning.

9. Befriend thy neighbor
First and foremost, we are all allies, then team members. We all love and play the same card game and likely have a lot more than that in common if we all god to know each other. So lets all keep that in mind, especially during conflicts, and strive to be good people to each other. This rule was made to promote the team's friendly social environment.
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