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In-Depth explanation of each promise Empty In-Depth explanation of each promise

Post by Zenjirou on Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:35 pm

1. You have the same rights here as you have anywhere else.
We don't prohibit you from doing anything unless it is seriously detrimental to the team in some way. We know that each and every one of you deserve respect, so we will give it to you without condition to the extent that your actions allow us to. Only in cases where someone is so out of control and unruly that they absolutely have to go will we just ban them without attempting to discuss it first.

2. We do not endorse or condemn any religion or belief system.
Our team's theme draws heavily from a mixture of Viking mythology, Yugioh's occult themes, and a few other religious ideas. We are NOT saying that you have to subscribe to the viking religion (Asartu), the egyptian religion (Kemetism), or any other religious creed. We are using these ideas in an artistic way to build an internal team culture and form a common set of ideas for all of us to appreciate and is for entertainment and enjoyment purposes. In short, we are using the ideas to better the team and make it more interesting, not supporting the ideas as religious dogma of any kind. Inside your personal life, you practice whatever religion you want. Here, you are still a member of whatever your religion is, the only difference is that you are being exposed to ideas other than the ideas from your own dogma, like you are or will be in any other public place. We ask that you be tolerant and to a degree comfortable for you, open minded. Should you like the ideas that the team presents and chose to identify with them, that is your choice and your choice only.

3. We are open to suggestions to improve the team and make changes.
Innovation is on the winning side. We are few and you guys are many. Many minds are better than one. No only do you guys out number us and have a wider variety of thoughts and opinions, but you also are experiencing the team from a different perspective than we are, as members of the team instead of administrators. If there is something that you personally do not like about the team, wish was done a little differently, or have a suggestion for something new entirely, feel more than free to share it. There is nothing freer in this team than the spread of ideas. If we could, we would pay you to talk to each other.

4. Admins cannot see anything sent in PMs nor see passwords
Your account is yours and yours only. So long as you keep your account information secure, no personal information that you share in a "secure" way (Private Messaging) is viewable. That is why we allow you to do some things you cannot do in the forums over PM, because there is no way to police it outside of the receiver reporting it.

5. Team related punishments will not be enacted without credible evidence regarding the incident in question.
If someone said something that deeply hurt you, posted a malicious or inappropriate link, or broke some other rule or taboo, please provide evidence that it happened. Without evidence, admins can only issue verbal warnings unless that particular member is known for committing offenses. If it hurt you or bothered you enough to report it, or you noticed it and know that what they did or are doing is wrong, taking a screen capture and sending it to an admin in a PM isn't too much to ask hopefully. Types or copied quotes (like "this") do not constitute evidence. You must prove both what was said or done and who said or did it.

6. When the need arises, Admins will respond to problems as quickly, fairly, and effectively as they can.
Spamming, spreading inappropriate links, or vending merchandise without permission all will result in immediate administrative action of some sort. Other things like verbal abuse or threats will be addressed quickly, but administrative action will take time as more than one admin must confer in order to adequately judge the nature of the event, if it was credible, and what punishment it warrents. Each and every incident will be handled with a sincere heart and level head.

7. If a team-related punishment is issued, the punishment will be of a strictly and obviously necessary nature, nothing more and nothing less.
We will not swing the ban hammer around like maniacs on each and every little incident. Each infraction warrants a very specific range of punishments, and though leaning on the conservative side, all punishments will be as fair as the admins can possibly make them.

8. All appointments and advancements within the team are based on accomplishment and merit, either documented or perceived, without favoritism.
We don't play favorites. If someone is gaining rank, its going to be because they are doing things or have done things or met certain criteria. We will strive to recognize everyone who makes the cut for each reward we have and issue recognition where it is honestly earned.

9. We value you, our members.
Need I or anyone say more? You all are our most important resource. You all make up half and all of this team. Its us admins who built the team's shell, but without you guys to fill the inside, the team is just an empty shell, a Gundam without a power source. What would be the point of all the time, hard work, and awesomeness of building a Gundam if there was no battery to power it? It'd be a giant work of art, a metal statue full of wasted potential that will rust away with time. We don't want that to happen to this team. So we need and appreciate you guys for joining us and being members. Thank you, sincerely. -- Zenjirou


"Fair" means "valuing both the interests of the team and the individual."
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