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Team Officer Rank System and Requirements Breakdown Empty Team Officer Rank System and Requirements Breakdown

Post by Zenjirou on Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:48 pm

Administrative Officer Rank will be appointment based. Each "Rank" is more of a job than a level of authority as each rank does a specific task for the team (though if they chose to, they may do other things). The "Rank" part of it is how much trust is being put into you at each job, since some jobs require more trust than others. So think of the rank number as the scale of the importance of your job, though all of these jobs are needed jobs.

There are two levels of Officer Rank. Normal Administration and Upper Administration. Normal Administration deals with the day to day things mainly, like spreading news and disciplining infractions. Upper Administration deals with making decisions regarding the team as a whole.

Each of the 9 lower ranks will fall under one of the top-level administrators and that rank will report to that upper administrator because their job falls under that upper administrator's domain. The entire team is divided into 5 Divisions, each division being headed by one of the upper administration and consisting of the lower administration / duelists.

If you would like to take one of these jobs, feel free to PM Heya or me, Zenjirou, for an Interview!

9 Normal Officer Ranks

Information and Technology Division
Rank 1: 2nd Lieutenant (Team Rank 1 - 12 on Devpro)
Rank 2: 1st Lieutenant (Team Rank 12 - 24 on Devpro)

Social Activity Division
Rank 3: Captain (Team Rank 24 - 36 on Devpro)

Dueling Arms Division
Rank 4: Major (Team Rank 36 - 48 on Devpro)
Rank 5: Commander (Team Rank 48 - 60 on Devpro)

Executive Management Division
Rank 6: Colonel (Team Rank 60 - 72 on Devpro)
Rank 7: Brigadier (Team Rank 72 - 78 on Devpro)

Executive Action Division
Rank 8: General (Team Rank 72 - 84 on Devpro)
Rank 9: Adjutant General (Team Rank 84 - 90 on Devpro)

5 Upper Officer Titles
Rank 10: (3) Staff Generals (Team Rank 90 - 93 on Devpro)
Rank 11: (2) 5 Star Generals (Team Rank 93 - 98 on Devpro)
Rank 12: Master General (Team Rank 99 on Devpro)

Unattainable Rank
Rank 13: Unattainable (The Ideal Leader)

What They Do and Requirements

Under the Information and Technology Staff General -- Spread Info
Rank 1: 2nd Lieutenant - Spread News. All you have to do is talk to people. This rank spreads news such as if there is a tournament going on, where the results are posted, how to use the forum, the fact that we have a forum and etc. If you want to be an admin, a good way to start is by spreading news related to the team. Spreading information is important to the team! Even using the forum to connect to people and share ideas can land you this position!

Requirements: Don't have a bad reputation. As long as you've never gotten in trouble for anything, you're completely eligible.

Rank 2: 1st Lieutenant - Stimulate discussion / thought. If you enjoy writing, posting deck profiles, or making posts that raise questions or possibilities, or explain things, then this is an easy rank to keep up with. This rank is about posting an article or a deck profile or a card / deck / format discussion at relatively regular intervals. The idea is to keep thoughts and ideas flowing, and keep the forum in use and active.

Requirement: Work ethic or enthusiasm. This rank is for people who don't mind putting in more time and effort than a 2nd Lieutenant would in just lighting up the chat every now and then. If you've ever sat down and typed this entire rank post, had the old rank system revised, then had to re-type over half of this post, you know what I mean.

Under the Social Activity Staff General -- Keep the team friendly and inviting
Rank 3: Captain - Enforce the Rule. This is the first "true administrator" in traditional terms. They actually enforce the team rules by pointing out when someone is wrong or out of line and politely correcting them or asking them to correct themselves. This goes for here on the forum and in Devpro. They issue verbal warnings exclusively and report more serious or repetitive problems or infractions that need more than a verbal warning.

Requirement: Courage. Enforcing a rule is intimidating. Being able to muster the courage to confront someone politely and constructively about a problem and reaching a solution (usually just a verbal warning) is what's ultimately required.

Under The Dueling Arms Staff General -- Achieve Competitive Greatness
Rank 4: Major - They can act as judges during our tournaments primarily. Also, posting about an interesting ruling every now and again is acceptable.

Requirements: They must know the rulings well enough to explain them, and have passed a judge test of some sort.

Rank 5: Commander - They issue recognition and rewards to exemplary players and members for different accomplishments. When a player reaches a new Competitive Rank, they are the ones who officially congratulate him in Vanaheim after testing them. When a member does good or outstanding work in the forum, they are the ones to recognize it, and likely the ones to recommend people. Their primary job is as testers though for competitive rank.

Requirements: Honesty. Promotions cannot be biased in any way. No fluffing up or playing down on people's efforts. If they did something that was honestly good or worth recognition, then they get recognized. If they did not, then they do not. Virtues must value results and actions, not hearsay and rumors. Within the frame of testing, test honestly and give only your honest opinion of the opponent's skill and worthiness.

Under The 5-Star Generals -- Act on decisions and keep things functioning
Rank 6: Colonel - The first  "general" administrative rank, meaning a rank that has multiple powers and abilities. To put it simple, if you have multiple skills / possible occupations, then you can take this rank and do any and all of them! Dominions can do any of the jobs beneath their rank as they like and or see fit. Their second task though is that they have to be able to help the other admins when they need help. If another admin is doing something slightly wrong, someone with this rank must correct or help them, or give them specific directions on something to do. They have the general duties of the lower officers, but on the side they help the other officers out.

Requirements: Multitasking and Autonomy (self reliance). If we have a rank that can take multiple (cover a general area of) tasks, we need a person who can multitask to some degree and is familiar with all those tasks. It doesn't have to be doing 30 things at once, but being able to deal with 2 different jobs is the requirement. Your job is helping admins under you do what they need to do. So just know how to do at least 2 of the officer jobs beneath this rank.

Rank 7: Brigadier - They help the Upper Administration do things. When the upper administration need to recruit, they help recruit. When they need to fill spots for a tournament, they move to try to find people to fill those spots. If the team needs something or needs something done, they are among the ones who act on it and try to accomplish it. They are the 5-Star Generals' "henchmen" so to speak. Really, they help out when the Owner decides to do something or when the Master General, 5-Star Generals, or Staff needs help getting something done.

Requirements: Problem Solving. When the Upper Officers make a plan, that plan isn't perfect. Here, we need people who can think of solutions the plan might be running into and attempt to try them. If they work better, then the plan changes accordingly. We might need a new method of finding good recruits, we might need people with a specific set of skills to do a certain job, we might want to make the forum more attractive / useful and come up with a plan for doing it. People in this rank need to be able to help out and pitch in ideas to better the plan. Also, they can't be the kind of people who will give up on something just because its hard. Its not that we don't want lazy people, we want lazy people who make the task easier so that they can be lazy instead of quitting, and the plan works better in the end.

Under the Master General -- Care for the team
Rank 8: General - They are quite high up, and their main advantage is that they can organize their own events and tournaments, since the rank is going to consist mostly of clan leaders. They have general powers and any clan leaders from outside at this rank maintain exclusive control over their clan. Since clan ranks from outside of Legacy Invaders is respected, they can assign Officer rank to members of their clan after joining us. Besides being able to organize events and appoint officers, they may also appoint their own Brigadiers should they need them.

Requirements: Care for the team. The more clear name for the rank is "Field General" meaning that they essentially are like team co-leaders that can act independently of the team and do their own thing, but at the same time anything they do can and will have the support of the rest of the team. Since a clan leader's first loyalty is to their clan, we only ask that they strive to for a win / win relationship between their clan and Legacy Invaders and maintain it, as we'll do the same.

Rank 9: Adjutant General - There is only 1 Adjutant General at a time. They are the head of all the 9 Normal Officers and the one in charge of helping individual members (introducing them to the team and keeping up with them to an extent). Their job is to make sure that every members has / knows what they need to. They are in a way the team's lowest servant. They are, THE admin in that sense, the one who embodies all of the jobs the admins need to accomplish so that when a member arrives, they arrive in an awesome team and can find / get everything they need, or have it given to them.

Requirements: Care for the members and a little empathy. If you want this rank, the highest Normal Administrator rank, you have to care genuinely about our members, new members, old members, and potential members, and do things to make sure they all can see / get what they need. This rank is a Normal Officer, but they are comparable to and equal to in some ways to Upper Officers. If the Seraphim feels that the site is organized a little complicatedly, he can talk to the Info and Tech Staff about it, if he feels that the tests for entering tournaments are too high, he can talk to the Dueling Arms Staff about it, if he feels that the chats are a little unfriendly to newcomers, he can talk to the Social Activity Staff about it, etc. They have a very wide area to cover. With the interest of benefiting our members, the Adjutant General, who embodies that, can do the most out of any Normal Officer.

Rank 10: Staff Generals - The Staff consists of 3 different Officers who advise the owner (Master General) and oversee different fields of interest to make sure the team is functioning optimally in all 3 areas. Those fields of interest are technology and information, competitive dueling strength, and social activity. Those are the 3 things our team values the highest and we have one Upper Officer who is in charge of each of those areas and coming up with plans to better the team by making it function better in each of those areas. They are all equal, all Rank 10.

Communication, Information, and Technology General: Also known as the Info and Tech General, they are in charge of spreading news, gaining and spreading information (often through research), and forming / running the team's digital property (this forum and any team sites). They solve technical difficulties with our technology and do the bulk of research when it comes to innovating the team or solving problems.

Requirement: Have to be a little tech savvy, able to find things out and do decent research, and strive to spread news. You have to be The Smart Guy.

Social Activity General: They are in charge of making sure the team is a friendly and inviting place to be and stay. This means stimulating conversations in the chats, being friends with lots of the members (at least the ones that talk) and being socially adaptable, able to deal with casual players and competitors, as well as a variety of different personalities. You gotta make sure the team is fun and interactive pretty much, and keep the chats alive.

Requirements: Have social skills, not be terribly shy about meeting and greeting and getting to know new people, and be online enough to maintain friendships and keep conversation fairly active. Although you definitely don't need to be a girl, you need to basically be The Chick.

Dueling Arms General (First Sergeant): They are in charge of the team's competitive strength and what we do competitively as a team outside of what the team members themselves want. They are likely the ones to bring up team wars, decide on which tournaments to officially enter, and chose the "Hunting Teams" that go on these tournaments.

Requirements: See the Competitive Rank System post to see how the Competition Admin can be chosen. Basically, it is either by appointment or by winning an internal tournament between other members who want the position once every so often. You must be a competitor yourself and want the position, and not abuse it. You have to be the The Big Guy.

Rank 11: 5-Star General - The two 5-Star Generals are the chief enforcers of the Owner, and effectively are Co-Owners. They physically act on decisions the owner makes, can act as an owner when the owner needs to be away (such as taking over managing a tournament if need be or doing anything that the Owner would have to do while the Owner is not present), and attend functions in the place of the owner (like team events that the Owner cannot make it to, they can represent the owner). They primarily oversee either the DN side of the team or the Devpro side of the team and make sure both sides are doing well. There are two, one for each DN and Devpro.

Requirements: Trustworthy and able to get things done. You're the team's chief role model and part of the driving force that implements changes inside the team when the Owner makes a decision. You have to be... well, you have to be The Dragon. A majestic and awesome person, but really you just need to be able to get things done.

Rank 12: The Master General (Owner) - The Final Boss of the team, the guy who had or inherits the original plan for the team. He's the one who has the final say on everything involving the team as a whole (including bans and some areas like selling merchandise). He's the guy who started it all, and is the one who visualizes the team's success and makes it happen through us, the members. The Owner wants the team to be a huge success, so everything he does is to make it a success. The Owner is the leader, the one who brings everyone and everything together in order to accomplish something big, kind of like a deck builder. He doesn't have to be perfect, instead he pulls together and organizes others (his staff and a Co-Owner) so that his vision can be achieved more reliably, meaning he has leadership skills. He is The Hero. The Owner puts the vision for the team, and thus its members, casual or competitive, first.

Requirements: Should the current owner step down, the new Owner will be the Co-Owner, or if not, whomever the previous Owner expressly yields the title to. You don't chose this job, this job chooses you.

Rank 13: Unattainable, the Ideal Leader Every Leader must answer to someone, just as every competitor knows that they are not the best player. There is always someone stronger, thus there must always be someone higher than the leader so that the leader may answer for their actions. This position is the position of an imaginary figure, the ideal leader. The Owner strives to do what the ideal leader would do at all times, so the team's true leaders are its ideals.

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