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Team Administrative Rank Explained Empty Team Administrative Rank Explained

Post by Zenjirou on Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:11 am

Every Job is Equally Important
The "Rank" is less of a measure of importance and more of a measure of how much trust is being put into you at that level. Every Rank is equally important. Angels and Archangels (Ranks 1 and 2) are just a crucial for the team as the Competition Admin or the Seraphim (Rank 9 and 10). If you should want to be an admin, chose whatever job you'd like the most. The idea is that we want you to pick something you'll do and enjoy doing rather than something you'll find boring and not do often or well.

You don't necessarily have to work your way up
Though you can change from job to job based on merit, need, or preference, you don't need to actually move up from job to job in order to attain a higher ranked job. You just have to meet the requirement for that specific job. Naturally, the requirements get more strenuous as you go up, since more and more trust will be put into you. As a result, selecting people to fill these jobs will be more and more of a picky process. Having a reputation helps, but its not required. You can jump right in as a Rank 7 Admin if you've got the skills and qualities necessary.

The administrative rank system is based on the 9 Asartu Virtues, which are essentially 9 virtues that reward themselves when practiced. The concept is that as you move up this list, you need to possess more of those virtues until you reach Serpahim, who must practice all of them. A post on the 9 Asartu Virtues will be made.

The Military Feel
Our new rank system (superseding the old one based on Angels and Demons) is based on Military Rank. Administrators became Officers and Competitors became Non-Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers. This is keeping with the team's militaristic theme.

The Usage of Angels --OLD
As always, improving our members is one of the team's highest goals. The original motif for the administrative rank system was that of upwards spiritual evolution, or in Yugioh terms, "Ranking Up." So its like the evolution of a human into divine beings until they reach perfection, the Seraphim level. Just like with the competitive rank, think of each Angel as a mascot for that rank so, who's purpose is partially so that an admin of that rank can be called something other than Rank plus a number. Instead of calling someone a Rank 4 Admin, which doesn't have much connection or meaning, you call them a Power, which is easier to relate and connect to as a name. The other half is that giving the ranks special names makes them easier to distinguish on the site's rank system. So they are moreso a special symbolic name for the rank.

Rank 13
We believe everyone has someone above them, and that everyone, even the person who believes that they are at the top, can improve. The purpose of Rank 13 is to make that idea always present, that there is something called perfection, and though it is impossible to reach, it is the very act of pursuing it that keeps us at our best. Rank 13 is perfection, the ideal leader. The owner constantly strives for it, and always stays in line with it. A leader that answers to no one can easily run astray, just like a competitor without a challenge to accomplish and keep themselves sharp will slacken and lose their mark.

Selection for Admin positions is done by the Upper Administration. You may either apply by PMing one of the top admins, (preferably the owner, Heya, but if the position you want falls under a particular admin's domain, like how Powers fall under the Social Admin, then you can PM that Admin) or you could be scouted out and asked by another Admin, in which case you of course agree to take the position or not. We look for personal qualities when selecting and considering potential admins. Those qualities are the 9 Asartu Virtues.

Being "Under" an Upper Administrator Officer
Administrative Jobs have been divided into categories so that they neatly fall under the domain of one of the Upper Administrators. This way, the Upper Administrators can have a team of sorts to call upon and rely on to help with their domain. Being under them means that your job is linked to their job, so what they do is / want is closely related to what you'll be doing. For example, if you're an Angel or Archangel and the Comms admin posts a new news entry, it'd be awesome to have him PM you so that you know so that you can spread the word wouldn't it?

How to become an Upper Administrator?
Direct appointment by the Owner either through him scouting you out or you applying for the position. In the case of the Competition Admin, its through appointment or the tournament.

The difference between a "Normal Administrator" and an "Upper Administrator"
Normal Administrators see to the day to day things and the process that keep the team going. They form the real backbone of the team. Upper Administrators make decisions, must be able to attend occasional meetings, and advice the Owner in order to make effective team decisions. Their first job is to act in their area of interest to make sure the team is doing well in that area, their second job is to advise the Owner on the status of their area of interest and help reach decisions.

Devpro Team Rank?
This is not to be confused with rating or competitive rank. On Devpro, team members have a rank within the team from 1 to 99 that measures their authority. 1 is the base number after joining the team, 99 is the rank of the Owner of the team. The Devpro rank system was made as a way of corresponding out 12 rank system with Devpro's 99 Rank system so that members can have functional authority here and on Devpro.

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