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Post by Zenjirou on Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:13 pm

I'll bite with the first challenge XD

12:00 tomorrow, Friday, November 20th (I go by New York time mind you).

I'll be on Devpro and or DN. Come at me with your best / favorite casual deck. What do I mean by that? A deck that's not one of the current TCG / OCG top tier but one that you've made so good it can potentially or actually contest with them. In very simple terms it means don't come at me with Kozmo, Majespecter / Dracoslayers, Performapal / Performages, or Odd-Eyes Magicians. They 2 strong for me atm xD Yes that means Shaddolls, Qli, Necloths, Tellarknights, and Ritual Beasts are casual IMO.

Reason I can't fight them: I haven't adapted to them yet. They sac me too hard for me to be using a deck that shouldn't be able to contest with them xD Currently. I will improve Razz I'm using what would normally amount to a casual deck so try to respect meh xD

Come at me with your favorite deck, something you've ran with for a long time and worked up to greatness ;3 or maybe a personal fun deck that you like. I'ma be playing Galaxy and I'll thrash whatever you guys throw at me. Black Wings? Spedroids? Utopia? Spellbooks? Sylvans? Plant Princess? Gem-Knights? E-Heroes? Hieratics? Evilswarm? (watch me get Ophioned now that I said that >.>) I DON'T CARE! Bring it on!

Throw down you sons of guns! I'll show you the wrath of the team's dragon D:< *deploys duel disk*

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