Rank 1 Promotion Honoring darkfireblade, unorthodox but awesome

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Rank 1 Promotion Honoring darkfireblade, unorthodox but awesome

Post by Zenjirou on Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:52 pm

He dueled awesome~ though the test went a little differently, using lower tiered decks, skill was still displayed and recognizable with things slowed down so much. The test was done on Devpro so no screenscap of the winning play, and being able to post a saved file of the replays will possibly be a future ability the forum will have c:

Using Cyber Dragons first, then a pretty interesting rank 2 deck (able to execute the Cat Shark / Daigusto Pheonix OTK) he redeemed himself from a 1- 2 loss to a 2 - 0 win against my functional Evil Hero deck c: His victories weren't handed to him, and I'm confident he understands the concepts and mechanics behind competitive play. His higher potential remains to be seen in future tests, but right now, I give him my seal of approval on being a worthy duelist for the team.

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