NECESSARY Admin Ranks We Need Fulfilled

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NECESSARY Admin Ranks We Need Fulfilled

Post by HeyaGamer on Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:12 pm

There are some ranks we do not need or can live without at the moment, but some we cannot. I will give a brief explanation of each position, and for the exact requirements/abilities, check out Zein's post: .Here are all the ranks we are asking members to consider shooting for:

Rank 1: Angels
These are preferably for DEVPRO users. We will need them to spread the word in the team chat in hopes of more people acknowledging the site; increase our capacity. It is the EASIEST rank to gain. It is as simple as (at least) copy/paste the link of the site onto the team chat a couple times per week. An example would be something like, "Make sure to register on our site to be kept updated with all of our events/upgrades" Obviously you can probably do better xD

Rank 2: Archangels
This is pretty much the exact thing as Angels. Although, they are a higher rank due to a bit of hard working. In other words, share our news and advertise the site etc more often than a couple times per week. They must be updated of our news in some sort.

Rank 5: Virtues
Due to an abrupt explosion of enthusiasm, the administration is in need of Virtues. Virtues are staff members who can recognize those that have done well. For example, Virtues can reward those that have passed a competitive test (like yesterday) But that's not all, they are responsible for everyone's accomplishments; keep an eye on our member's achievements and salute them for it ^^

Rank 10: Social Activity Admin
Once again, this is for those that have Devpro accounts (unless somehow you feel like you can do a darn good job on DN with it) We need people who are actively motivational; members that can encourage those that are less friendly to speak up and have a say. The Devpro team chat is like a ghost town; no one lives there. We need someone who can step up and be ACTIVE. Doesn't mean 24/7, but you gotta be pretty active and be able to get people to speak up to obtain this position.

We have plenty more ranks you can check out by clicking on the link i provided. We will be happy to give you any of the positions (work for them) but i listed the ones i felt like are the most necessary in our current position.

Consider becoming part of the Legacy Invaders' staff! Very Happy

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