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Things to do after registering Empty Things to do after registering

Post by Zenjirou on Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:12 am

Visit your Profile: You can add and change your profile picture either by selecting a default one or uploading one! You can also add a number of things like your birthday if you chose to and any jokes you'd like to share.

Get Familiar with the Forum: Every category and forum has a purpose, get familiar with the different categories and what belongs where so that when you get ready to post, you know where to post it!

Make a post in the Meet and Greet: Introduce yourself to everyone and get to know everyone who's active in the team!

Post your DN Name: There's quite a few players here who frequent DN. Drop your DN contact so interested team mates can maybe find and chat with you and you yourself can get to know and friend them ahead of time.

Don't be Shy: Get active~ break the silence and post a topic if you'd like or hop on the chatbox and try to start a conversation c: If you have any nagging questions or are having some problems, or are just looking for someone to discuss a deck with or duel with, we have forums for all of that! By all meansm put them to good use!
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