Administrative Chain of Commands

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Administrative Chain of Commands Empty Administrative Chain of Commands

Post by HeyaGamer on Sat Sep 10, 2016 11:24 pm

Leader - HeyaGamer - Devpro Rank: 99

Co-Leader(s) - Caz_Smiles + Decolico - Devpro Rank: 98

Small Team Leaders - Devpro Rank: 80-97

Team Admins - Devpro Rank: 1-79

Explanation of Team Ranks

Leader - The leader is responsible for any action the team takes as a whole, and makes the overall decision for whatever task is given.

Co-leader - The co-leaders are the leader's right arms; they help organize and guide the team and act upon a command given to them by the leader. They are similar to producers working for the director; they listen to the leader's vision and act to produce it however the leader pleases.

Team Leaders - small team leaders will act accordingly to what their team title holds. If a leader is in control of the war team, then they shall work to accomplish normal tasks that a war team undertakes.

Team Admins - There are various types of admins, and devpro ranks will vary accordingly. For example, if you are an advertiser, you may have a devpro rank of 1-5; a low rank. That differs from someone who would be involved in a more difficult task, or a task that isn't so simple and effortless. That is why Team Admins have a wide gap between the minimum and maximum of ranks, because ranks greatly differ based on the job done by different Team Admins.

Note: This Chain of Commands is subjugated to change if necessary.

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