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BYL Special Tournament Empty BYL Special Tournament

Post by Radioboy126 on Wed Dec 21, 2016 4:03 am

Build Your Legacy Tournament Series

Special: Fighters of the First Dawn

Hey Guys, it's Radioboy. This post here is to present you guys with a brand new tournament.
During this tournament you will be allowed to test your skills against your comrades who are also aiming to obtain the title of The Champ. The Champ is a role assigned to the winner of the tournament as well as the chance to win 300 dev points. If you want more information please proceed to click the spoilers below containing even more information

Please Take the Time to Read The Rules Carefully!!!

Easy Peasy:

This tournament will have 2 stages:
  • A Round Robin Tournament, to which will be divided into 4 groups, that will be based on the time zone (for convinience purposes). Each group will produce 2 winners based on how successful they become. We will allow a total 32 player in the competition and will also allow sustitutes in the case that a player decides that they suck at yugioh and walking away is easier they want to dropout due to whatever the reason may be. During this stage, the groups' rounds will last one day each which means this part of the round will last up to 5 days. Please try to contact your opponent during that time, the brackets are arranged to the best of our abilities. If you notice a problem or soemthing off, feel free to PM one of the tournament directors in charge of this tournament (Me, Benggie, Caz, and JukeBox).

  • After words there will be a short intermission as we prepare for the final stage of the tournament. During this time we will finalize the winner's brackets and give them time to set up their decks. Also, during this time predictions will be open for those who want to attempt to guess at who will be the winner of the tournament.

  • A Final Round-Single Elimination stage where top 8 of the Round Robin will face off to win the title of best.
Our Prizes
  • First Place: 300 Dev Points and (obviously) Title of Champion
  • Second place gets 150 Dev Points and a "Almost there" from Caz
  • Third Place: 50 Dev Points and a pat in the back
  • Everyone else: There is always next time

  • Decks:

    No Infernoids!!!
    Just kidding infernoids are allowed
    1. The card pool which is allowed in the tournament is that of the TCG has available when the tournament starts.
    2. The Banlist is that which your decks must abide by is the current TCG banlist, (if the banlist changes during the tournament, then the banlist which was active when the tournament began is the banlist that the deck must abide by).
    3. Due to constant pestering suggestions by Benggie, this tournament will allow deck switching during the Round Robin section of the tournament, but not during the Final Stage(Single Elimination).


    The challonge Link is here: or you can click on the live streaming Challonge Bracket Frame Below
    Sign up is open to all those who are in the team: So please try to use your Discord Name if not use Your Devpro Name


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    BYL Special Tournament Empty Re: BYL Special Tournament

    Post by bearholdingsha on Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:45 am

    is it on ygopro or devpro


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