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Administrative Chain of Command Empty Administrative Chain of Command

Post by Zenjirou on Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:10 pm

Upper Administration

Master General: Held Heyagamer
Lead the team and make the final decisions on executing plans for the team as a whole.

5-Star General: Held Temporarily Zenjirou (Acting Co-Owner)
Serve as a role model and the owner's right hand man in terms of overseeing either the DN side of the team or the Devpro side. Their primary job is to manage those specific areas where the team is visible.

Staff General - First Sergeant: Hiring (See Competitive Rank System for prerequisites)
Advise the Owner on the team's competitive status and needs or areas to improve. Responsible for tournaments and competitive events, creating and modifying testing procedures, and leads the team's group of top players.

Staff General - Social Activity: Hiring
Advises the owner on the status of the team's socialization and its needs or areas to improve. Responsible for communicating with the members, getting to know a good number of them and keeping the team socially engaging.

Staff General - Information and Technology: Held Zenjirou
Advises the owner on the status of the team's technology and its needs and areas to improve Responsible for fixing problems with the team's technology (such as the forum and any team site), doing any needed external research and making information about the team visible, accessible, and somewhat appealing.

Normal Administration

Care for the Team

Adjutant General: Hiring
Orients new members who just joined the team. Answers questions about the team.

General: Hiring
Clan leaders from the outside have this rank by default upon joining. Generals can start, host, and oversee team events.

Help Execute Plans and Events

Brigadier: Hiring
Help the Upper Admins do things. Recruiters, Leaders of Clans that joins us, those with coding or forumotion related skills and etc. If us Upper Admins need help getting something done and you have the skills and or will to help us, we'll hire you here. Just ask what we need help with and see if you can help.

Colonel: Hiring
Make sure everything is being done correctly or according to plan. Essentially, a manager. This is a "General" rank, meaning it may require you to perform any of the jobs under it. The idea is that you correct people when they make a mistake but also can do any job that is not being done. This is the rank that combines all of the ranks under it (listed below).

Augment and Maintain the Team's Competitive Greatness

Commander: Hiring
Recognize people and issue rewards. Competitive Rank Testers and Testers in general are mainly what this rank is for.

Major: Hiring
Are you or have you ever been a devpro moderator, a dueling network admin, or have some kind of previous experience with being a tournament judge or think you know the game well enough to do it? We could use your skills during tournaments! Not to mention hearing your wisdom every now and then on bizarre card interactions. Even if you haven't if you can pass a judge test and become a DN Admin, you've got the job!

Keep the Social Environment Orderly and Comfortable

Captain: Hiring
Keep order. Remove topics that are in the wrong place. Delete and report spam to a Upper Admin. Issue polite verbal warnings when rules are broken.

Spread News and Stimulate Conversation and Discussion

1st Lieutenant: Hiring
Have some time on your hands or have a knack for being a very outgoing social person? Make a few topics for discussion or initiate conversation with our team members in DN, Devpro, or here! If you can share news about the team, new things going on, or just strike up conversations really easy and enjoy doing it often, then this is the rank for you.

2nd Lieutenantl: Hiring
Spread information. If the site was updated, bring it up in one of our chats some time. IF we have a tournament with not a lot of people registered, bring it up to people who might be interested sometime. Spreading the word if important to this team's functioning. Though you're at the bottom, you're at the top in importance.

Getting Hired
If you would like to fill one of these positions or would like to see any jobs we exclusively need, please visit the Team Needs and Administrative Rank Requests forum and make a post there! One of us will get with you and see that you get interviewed and hopefully get the job!

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