Major Team Changes - Rank Breakdown

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Major Team Changes - Rank Breakdown Empty Major Team Changes - Rank Breakdown

Post by HeyaGamer on Sat Sep 10, 2016 11:04 pm

The team has been unorganized and almost completely inactive for a while now. Today, that ends.

I have decided that the team will create a hierarchy within a hierarchy. What?? Let me explain.
Instead of the whole team being crammed together and led by me, we will have multiple "teams." And by teams, I mean sects. Those sects will be led by different leaders, while I will be the overall leader. For example: We will have a war team. That war team will be led by LunarDarkGaia. He will be responsible for ALMOST all decisions the team makes. Decisions may include: getting the team involved in a team war, participate in events, organization of the team war, and etc.. He will also be responsible for admissions into the team war.

Basically, we will have 1 large team led by me and my co-leaders, but within that team, we will have little small teams that contribute to the overall being of the team, and those small teams will have leaders of their own. Thus, it no longer becomes a huge team led by me alone, but it becomes a society led by multiple leaders and "officers," while I remain the overall President of Legacy Invaders along side my co-leaders.

As of now, here are a couple ideas of small teams we are thinking about:
YT team: Led by BenGGie
War Team: Led by LunarDarkGaia
Recruitment Team: Led by ShaddolKing10

So, if this project continues as planned, these 3 guys will be in charge of 3 important small teams that will regulate by their leaders. Their leaders have the authority to command and ask whatever request from the members who choose to be involved within that group. In other words, these leaders will have absolute control over their small teams, unless I say otherwise.

To JOIN or be recruited in one of these small groups, you must simply request admission from their leaders. For example, to be recruited into the war team, you'd have to contact LunarDarkGaia.

These changes were made to help keep the team organized, increase its activity, and take off workload that is weighted on my co-leaders and my shoulders. The chain of commands will be made soon.

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