Rank 1 Promotion Honoring D/D/D, an awesome duelist in the team

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Rank 1 Promotion Honoring D/D/D, an awesome duelist in the team

Post by Zenjirou on Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:13 pm

Mad props to that guy D/D/D for displaying a phenomenal duel and a high degree of skill during his first test! For those of you who think the tests are meh, I wouldn't be too skepticle. Tests can be used to display lots of skill directly instead of using a passive rating system to assume someone has skill and creativity, and this guy right here demonstrated that even at the lower end of the testing scale you can use and hone all of your skills.

We both made some mistakes, but the dueling was strong and I'm sure we both learned from that duel! I'm honored to have been the one to test him and I can say without a doubt that this guy at the very least is a Rank 5 skill wise. At the VERY LEAST. This guy's got serious potential and is a force to be reckoned with.

Passing his first test and winning the match, D/D/D is on a strong start. Look out everyone! This guy's got one heck of a sharp ax to grind. Where I will tell you not to underestimate Galaxy, this guy will pound it into you that you should never underestimate D/D/D (the archetype, and the player to Razz).

If you think you've got skill, contact an admin to set up a test! Everybody starts from step one, but how hard can taking 9 tests be? See for yourself. We're looking for skill, and today, we saw skill.

Congratulations D/D/D, looking forward to seeing more of your skills and finding ways for this team to improve your dueling!

(screencap of his winning play, setting Resource Management to chain it when I tried to destroy it, thus making his Covenant live again. Slick move if you ask me.)
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